Profile of the Firm

I opened my first office as an Attorney at Law and Notary Public on March 1, 1983, in Olten, after having completed my studies, practical law training, and several years of experience in the management of my family’s enterprise. On July 1, 1986, I established a subsidiary in Oftringen which I ran in partnership for several years. On April 1, 2006, the Oftringen subsidiary was moved to Zofingen and is now my main office.


Over the years I managed to build a good reputation with private clients, enterprises – in particular small and medium sized companies – as well as government authorities. Trust, cooperation and legal secrecy are of the utmost importance to me. My only obligations as an attorney and notary public are towards my clients. Coming from a middle-class background, I was raised to develop a social attitude towards other people, in particular towards the employees of our family’s enterprise. Although politically and socially interested and committed, I am not a member of any political party or association that in any way could restrict my independence.


My work is always aimed to meet the individual requirements of my clients. As an independent attorney, I have in recent years limited and concentrated my work to certain selected areas, thus also concentrating my experience and being able to offer an optimal solution for my clients. Based on my background from a medium sized family enterprise, in the last few years my practice has developed in this specific area, although in fact a large proportion of my esteemed clients are private individuals.


My office works efficiently, in accordance with my client’s requirements, my main support being my wife Marianne, herself an engaged and skilled businesswoman with a commercial degree in the French language. A trainee preparing for the bar exam as well as a part-time employee with commercial training complement my team.


My fees are based on the rates as recommended by the Lawyer’s association, normally according to time spent, requirements and difficulty of each individual case, if no compelling legal tariff is applied.

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